Blood Urine Testing

Fast And Accurate

Seeing blood in your urine can be pretty alarming. In most cases, it doesn’t indicate anything serious. Sometimes, however, it might be because of a severe order. That’s why you should let Onsite Medical Services conduct a urinalysis to clear your mind of all the doubts. After assessing your test results, we’ll tell you whether you’re at low, intermediate, or high risk.

Benefits Of Urine Testing

  • Detects Diseases
  • Reliable Results
  • Easy To Perform
  • Painless Procedure
  • Less Risky

Detects Diseases

Apart from checking for blood, urinalysis has many other applications too. It measures other substances, such as acid levels, sugar levels, crystals, and proteins. Once we conduct the test, we’ll be able to determine the cause behind it. It could be a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), kidney infection, or common viral infection.

Painless Procedure

There are two methods through which we perform urinalysis: gross/chemical exam and microscopic exam. While you may find it awkward while we’re collecting samples, it’s a necessity. But you can rest assured as both the methods are completely safe and won’t cause any discomfort to you. You should follow our guidelines properly to ensure we get the best results.

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