What kind of services do you provide?

Medical Mobile Services provides a variety of services, from in-home care to medical assessments. Instead of asking you to come to us, we make things convenient by coming to your location.

How can I request your services?

Requesting for our services is very easy. You can book an appointment by calling or messaging us. One of our representatives will contact you to discuss further the details of the services you require.

When will my exam results be available?

The availability of your exam results depends on the services you requested. Usually, we take around 2-3 business days to assess your results and deliver them to your location. If your results aren’t delivered within the given deadline, please reach out to us.

Can I get a copy of my exam results?

Yes, it’s possible to get a copy of your exam results. We recommend telling us beforehand so we can prepare the documents on time. We will send them to you in person or on your email, depending on your preference.

Does your team follow all the safety precautions?

100%. At Onsite Medical Services, we pride ourselves on being a company that values your safety above everything else. Every member of our professional team comes fully prepared with the resources required to conduct tests safely.

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