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Covid-19 is a widespread pandemic that has destroyed many lives. To avoid being one of those people, you should get yourself and your loved ones tested for coronavirus. With Onsite Medical Services’ help, you won’t even need to leave your house. Just book an appointment with us, and we’ll come to you fully prepared.

Benefits Of Covid Testing

  • Saves Lives
  • Easy And Quick
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Saves Lives

Covid 19 testing, regardless of whether you’re showing symptoms or not, is imperative. In this way, you can get the required assistance before your condition gets out of hand. When it’s about your safety, we never compromise. That’s why we follow all the necessary precautions before reaching your location.

Easy And Quick

Back when the coronavirus pandemic has just started, there was only one way to test people for the virus. But now, there are several other ways to do that. Some of them include collecting a sample from your nose and mouth. Our experienced team will come to your home, conduct covid testing in Bakersfield, and deliver results within a few working days.

All You Need to Know About Rapid Covid Testing Bakersfield

It’s been almost 19 months since the first known case of coronavirus was discovered in China. Unfortunately, it isn’t showing any signs of stopping. If anything, countries have started witnessing additional variants of it. The good news is that scientists have put forward essential guidelines to reduce the chances of contracting the virus. Apart from adhering to the basic rules stated by CDC, getting yourself tested is the first step.

If you’re unsure about how covid testing in Bakersfield works, let us inform you. Our experienced team has enough relevant knowledge to clear all your misunderstandings.

Covid tests can be divided into two categories: molecular testing (also known as PCR or RNA tests) and antigen testing (rapid testing).

In PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test, medical laboratory professionals swab mucus from either at the back of your throat or your nose. Once they collect the sample, it is sent to a lab for examination. Molecular tests happen to be the most accurate way to determine whether you have contracted the virus or not. However, since the samples require an evaluation and are sent to laboratories, it may take some time before you get your test results back. So, if you’re looking for accurate covid testing in Bakersfield, the PCR test would be ideal for you, provided you don’t need to travel until the test appears negative.

The second type, rapid testing, also involves the same swabbing process as the PCR test. But the samples aren’t sent to labs for evaluation. This means you can get the results much sooner, as compared to molecular testing. So, if you’re looking for rapid results covid testing, go with this type. However, rapid testing’s major drawback is that even if you have contracted the virus, it is possible to get a negative result. Why? The reason is that, as the name suggests, antigen tests detect Covid-19 antigens. And they can take a while to appear in your system.

How Does Covid-19 Nasal Swab Test Work?

We’ve already mentioned that one of the most effective ways to detect the Covid-19 virus in your system is by performing a coronavirus antibody test at home. But how does it work?

The medical professional conducting the test inserts a long stick inside your nose and twirls it around to collect samples. Even though the end of the stick has a soft, brush-like material, the process is still uncomfortable.

That’s because the swab needs to go pretty far to collect a good specimen, which are usually located alongside the base of the nose. Since our nose is not used to objects reaching that place, it creates odd and tickly sensations. If you get teary-eyed during the test, it means the medical professional has performed the covid-19 nasal swab test the right way. If the samples are collected from the back of your throat, it will trigger a gag reflex, making it feel like you need to vomit.

If you’re performing a coronavirus antibody test at home, make sure to familiarize yourself with the kits and follow all the instructions properly. Also, you can reach out (virtually) to people who have gone through the same experience. It’ll help you prepare for the test.

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