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Saliva Testing Services

Conducting drug tests is a common practice in many organizations and industries. In fact, curtain states in the US have made it mandatory for employers to administer drug tests. So, whether you’re an employer or employee, it’s essential to know everything about drug tests.

One misconception surrounding drug testing is that people believe it’s done due to lack of trust in a company. That’s not true. It doesn’t only prove beneficial for the organization but employees as well. Their productivity, morale, and performance are boosted.

Drug testing can be divided into two categories:

Pre-Employment Drug Test: As the name suggests, this type is performed prior to hiring employees. A lot of organizations have strict rules when it comes to consuming drugs. With the help of this test, they can keep the company’s environment drug-free.

Random Drug Test: In this type, employees will be asked to undergo drug tests without being informed beforehand. Again, it’s not because employers do not trust their staff. They just want to make sure everyone is complying with international health and safety standards.

There are several ways to perform drug tests. However, saliva testing is the most common method. And after reading about saliva testing services in Bakersfield, you’ll understand why.

What Is Saliva Testing?

In this test, your saliva is tested for drugs. Either you’ll have to drop your saliva in a special container, or it’ll be collected by inserting a swab inside your mouth. The sample will be analyzed either on-site or in a lab. That’s how simple it is. No one will be poking needles in you, nor will you be asked to pee in a cup.

Saliva Testing
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Benefits Of Saliva Testing

Saliva testing was designed to replace the traditional methods, such as urine testing and blood testing. Apart from being unpleasant, those methods were also energy and time-consuming. So, it was natural that people started wondering about the benefits of saliva testing. Fortunately, it has plenty of advantages, including:

It’s Simple: This is perhaps the most appealing benefit of saliva testing. It’s a simple process, without requiring much effort from your side. A swab with a cotton pad on one of its ends will be inserted into your mouth and twirled around. It’ll be then analyzed to detect substance use.


It’s Comfortable: If you’ve ever performed urine or blood test in your life, then you know how uncomfortable they can be. They’re quite invasive, which is why a lot of people don’t prefer those methods. But that’s where saliva testing stands out. It’ll be completed in a few minutes and won’t put you in an awkward position.


It’s Accurate: When saliva testing was first introduced, a lot of researchers suggested that it was not as accurate as other methods. However, that’s not the case anymore. In fact, recent studies have concluded that saliva testing might be more accurate than urine or blood tests. And the turnaround time is also quicker.

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How Accurate Is Saliva Drug Testing?

According to a study conducted by Journal of Analytical Toxicology, mouth swab drug in Bakersfield is 98% accurate. There are a few factors that may impact the results, such as the type of test used and the quality of the testing device. But the results are still considered highly accurate.

What Drugs Are Detected Through Saliva Testing?

Saliva testing is primarily used by companies with drug testing policies. It can detect the following substances:

  1. Cocaine
  2. Opioids
  3. Alcohol
  4. Benzodiazepines
  5. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)
  6. Amphetamines

Apart from identifying substance use, saliva testing has another significant application: detecting Covid-19 variants. So, if you’re looking for Covid 19 saliva testing in Bakersfield, you can put your mind at ease. Onsite Medical Services has got you covered.

How Does the Saliva Drug Testing Process Work?

Typically, a trained and certified laboratory technician will administer this test. Either they’ll ask you to perform the test under their supervision, or conduct it themselves.

Regardless of what you choose, a swab will be inserted inside your mouth and run against the inside of your cheek. Then, once the swab has collected samples, it’ll be analyzed for detecting potential substance use.

It’s important to mention here that you shouldn’t clear your throat before conducing the test. The objective is to test your saliva, not mucus or phlegm. And to ensure the sample is completely clean, you shouldn’t eat or drink anything half an hour before the test.

Saliva Drug Testing Process
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Ready To Get Yourself Tested?

Onsite Medical Services has built an excellent reputation by providing quality healthcare services. We understand that it might not always be possible for some people to leave the comfort of their homes.

For that reason, we’ll arrive at your doorstep and provide saliva testing in Bakersfield and cotton swab test in Bakersfield. In this way, you can keep your employees’ productivity and morale high. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

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