Vital Statistics

Detailed And Beneficial

Vital statistics refer to detailed data regarding births, deaths, fetal deaths, life expectancy, infant birth/death, marriage, and divorces. The data is critical to determine many health-related issues and to measure progress towards living a quality life. At Onsite Medical Services, we proud ourselves on being a company that provides comprehensive vital statistics.

Uses Of Vital Statistics

  • Individual Use
  • Legal Use
  • Health and Family Planning Programs
  • Social Circumstances
  • Administration Use

Individual Use

Individuals have many reasons to benefit from vital statistics. For instance, one of the most crucial aspects of vital statistics is a birth certificate. You may be asked to present it on several occasions, such as when you’re taking admission in a school, requesting to get your passport made, or migrating to another country.

Health And Family Planning Programs

Government authorities use vital statistics, especially the birth and death rates, to develop healthcare policies. Additionally, they also assess the previous causes of death. Doing so allows them to establish healthcare plans to deal with multiple life-threatening diseases, such as malaria, polio, tuberculosis, and others.

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